Need counseling but confused about who to turn to for guidance? You’re not alone. Choosing the right counselor is an important decision. You want someone you can trust— someone who creates a safe, supportive and nurturing space, grounded with a solid background of education and experience. Most important, you need to find the right fit for YOU. That’s why I encourage people to call me before deciding. We’ll talk about what you’d like to achieve and how I can assist you on your path. Ask questions. I want you to feel comfortable.

“In a few sessions Barry elevated my self esteem both personally and professionally and gave me the tools to put problems in perspective
and to keep past troubles in the past. He has actually changed my
life in a relatively short time.”

— Erica Fischer


Counseling You Can Trust

In addition to the wisdom of 26 years dedicated to helping people better their lives, I bring some unique things to our work together. I’m committed to learning as much as I can to help as many as I can. For that reason, I didn’t stop when I completed my Masters degree in Counseling. Instead, I continued on, receiving formal training in hypnotherapy as well. This provides us with a wide range of tools we can combine to create the perfect custom blend to address your specific life challenges.

In my years counseling and consulting for the State of New Jersey, developing programs for corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Revlon and the Department of Consumer Affairs— and working with individuals just like you— I’ve seen more than my share of success stories. I’d be honored if you became one of those.


“For over ten long years, we tried all the medical and psychological treatments available to assist us with a long-standing smoking problem among our students … with very little success. Mr. Wolfson’s groups proved to be very successful and the resulting number of students who quit smoking was higher than with any of our previous therapies. As a result, we added
a Stress Management group and a Weight Reduction group. Both were
such a success that several of our staff members requested to be a
part of one or more of Mr. Wolfson’s groups.”

—William B. Falvo
CEO, Woodbridge Child Diagnostic and Treatment Center


My Counseling Approach

All of my work is client-driven so I create a custom plan addressing your special concerns, after first exploring what’s important to you. We’ll talk about some of the things that brought you to this place but focus more on what you can do NOW to create a life you love. You’ll uncover your road blocks and learn strategies to shift them. You’ll feel good knowing that the tools we use last a lifetime, eliminating the need for endless years of counseling.

What’s important to you? I’ve empowered people to gain self esteem, reduce stress, lose weight, sleep better, quit smoking (permanently)— and to create effortless positive change. Some of my favorite testimonials are from former clients— who have learned so much they don’t need me anymore! That’s one of the most fulfilling parts of my job— helping people create lasting change.


“I threw the cigarettes I was carrying into the waste basket as was suggested —without fear, because I had two full unopened packs in my car. Those two unopened packs of cigarettes were still there two years later! Thanks again … most of all for my continued, effortless abstinence.”

—Walter Browning, New Milford

We all deserve to live a life we love.
Call me now. I’ll help.

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Barry Wolfson
Director, Hypnosis Counseling Center

New Jersey Hypnosis Counseling Services Provided For:

Childbirth counseling
Confidence building hypnosis counseling
Fear counseling
Grade improvement counseling
Insomnia counseling
Migraine headaches elimination counseling
Panic attack hypnosis counseling
Performance improvement counseling
Phobias counseling
Public speaking improvement counseling
Self-esteem hypnosis counseling
Stop smoking hypnosis counseling
Stress reduction counseling
Weight loss counseling
Weight loss hypnosis counseling